Overseas Placements

  • Post Resume
  • Fill up the information form that is sent to you
  • Your resume is placed in our hot list
  • Employers access the JCRUX Hot list to source for candidates
  • When an employer is interested in your profile, a JCRUX recruiter will contact you to coordinate an interview and the process
  • This is a free service. The applicant is not charged any recruitment or placement fee
  • The placement fee is paid by the employer to JCRUX

In addition to visa documentation and expertise in immigration, the company provides overseas placement assistance to people who would like to work in developed nations such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, among others.

Our overseas job consultancy includes three prime areas of service – Job Search Services, Resume Writing Services and J-Path.

Job Search Services: JCRUX helps individuals to get a job abroad while they are applying from their home country. The most convenient aspect of this service is that resumes of applicants are sent by JCRUX to employers who are in search of suitable profiles. We ensure that these resumes reach hundreds of employers and placement agencies by saving the applicants’ lot of legwork. Simultaneously, our Job Search Services team markets their profiles consistently.

If employers evince interest in any candidate’s resume, an email is sent directly to that person’s inbox. JCRUX also intervenes by negotiating their salaries and other terms with the overseas employers. It helps professionals by not intruding into their schedules and saving their time in the bargain.

JCRUX uses cutting-edge technology and talent of experienced HR professionals whose aim is to send resumes to matching job profiles and employers.

Resume Writing Services: We have an in-house team of experienced resume writers who make a convincing case on the behalf of the job applicants by presenting riveting resumes. Our result oriented services ensure that the applicants’ chances of working abroad increase significantly. This is ensured by our resume marketing, job search and process consultancy services.

J-Path: J-Path is a patented solution of JCRUX designed for professionals, traders and investors, besides students. Its objective is to provide applicants clarity and a tailor-made career path. After going through the profiles of applicants, all appropriate opportunities for work are discussed with them. It gives them a well-defined road map of their future.

The objective of J-Path is to answer all the questions that applicants have with regard to overseas jobs. In the process, all their doubts on how they will benefit with an overseas career and living abroad will be answered along with where their occupation is in demand, and how they should initiate the whole process. If they are interested in investing in a particular country, how much money they would need to spend.

Without a career aim, individuals cannot carve out a great future for themselves. It is this aspect that gives people a direction and lets them know what they can achieve. Most Importantly, it provides them with clarity on how they should go about in order to achieve their career goals.

Therefore, the first thing career aspirants have to do is to zero in on their career path to help them map their future.